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We talked about the 200 series austenitic stainless steel in nickel content between 1% to 6% and chromium of between 14% to 16.5%, are the most economical alternative to AISI 304.
They also represent a family in itself, 201, 202, 204 Cu, 216, etc.
This variety of range of the 200 series, allowing each manufacturer and depending applications to adjust their production costs.

A product with an extensive global market presence, but little known in Europe.
The European market presence, products and equipment manufactured abroad with these alloys, certify the correctness of its use, since you are editing, design concepts and design, uses and materials costs as perhaps few have done so in recent years.

Is solving the equation, function-cost-time.
The product life of 20 years must include the cost of a material with a life of 100 years?

This family of stainless steel alloys austenitic structure have mechanical characteristics, obtained with an excellent cold forming, as it has a high ratio of deep drawing, bending and repulsive.
Welding: uses the same elements for the 300 series, thread, electrodes, etc

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